The Bali bombers were executed this weekend, displaying yet another failure of the justice system – whether Western or Indonesian – to think outside the box.

These men wanted to die. They wanted to become martyrs for their cause. Under their warped ideology, death is not regarded as a punishment or a defeat; it’s a blaze of glory which they believed would send them to their ludicrous paradise. It is, from their point of view, a fitting reward for a heroic act.

Why the fuck should we give them what they want? We should have locked them up in prison for the rest of their lives until they were too old and feeble and wasted to remember their own names, dying alone and forgotten in a dark cell, as the U.S. justice system was prudent enough to do with Zacarias Moussaoui. We should have punished them to the maximum possible extent – which, unfortunately, was not the death penalty.