I’ve made good on my promise to finally finish End Times, and sent this message out to the mailing list the other day. If you’re not on the list, here it is:

Good news, everybody!

I’ve spent the (southern hemisphere) summer in a blissful, idyllic, non-working sabbatical back in Perth, living with my Dad again in between the past three years I spent living in Melbourne and my coming plans to live in London.

Not having a full-time job means I’ve been able to focus on writing, and that means I’ve nearly finished End Times. In story time, we left off in October 15; I’m now up to December 25, and will hopefully be finished in the next couple of weeks. Merry Christmas.

So I’m going to start updating End Times again in June this year. Why am I sending this email now, then? A few reasons. (And I was actually going to send it yesterday but realised you might think it was a cruel April Fool’s Day joke.)

1) It’s been a hell of a long time, and I thought some of you might appreciate a chance to re-read the story before getting back into new updates.

2) I’m leaving Perth on the 21st of April, travelling to the US (where I’m going to be a riding a motorcycle across the country with my dad) and then flying to London in early/mid June, where I’ll have to start the bothersome business of finding a place to live and a job etc. So even though End Times itself is almost finished, I won’t actually be in a position for the next 8-10 weeks or so to be regularly posting. This is also why I’ve said “June” rather than a specific date. I’ll get on it as soon as I can once I’m in London, but I don’t know exactly when that will be yet. Once I do, I can assure you it will be a regular schedule of at least three updates a week.

If you like, this is also a chance for you to promote the story on forums, Twitter, word of mouth, whatever. It can be just like the old days again when there were lots of readers instead of you core loyalists! Once it’s all said and done, I’m considering self-publishing it on Amazon or Smashwords or whatever, so the more readers, the better.

That leads me on to another thing – I’m totally fine with you saving, printing etc your own versions of the extant story. That’s partly because if I intend to self-publish I may have to take it down from Livejournal, but also because the internet has changed a lot since 2005, and I wouldn’t rely on Livejournal to be around in perpetuity.

I’ll send out another email once I’m in London with my shit sorted out, so I can give you a more exact date.

I’m looking forward to seeing this long story to its conclusion, and I hope you all are too. Thanks for sticking with it for so long.