(Spoilers, obviously)

Only three dumb decisions made in this episode, all given a pass because of extenuating circumstances:

1. Carl goes to the infirmary to get supplies by himself, which goes against all common sense. Given a pass because Carl is a dumb kid.

2. Rick fails to immediately kill the prisoners’ psychotic leader, which was obviously going to have to happen sooner or later. Given a pass because, y’know, even after a year and a half of zombies and two previous homicides, killing a man is still something most people would want to put off.

3. Lori gives mouth-to-mouth to somebody who has stopped breathing, knowing full well that every dead body reanimates as a cannibalistic walking corpse. Given a pass because it’s effectively just risking your own life to save a buddy.

Episode 2: 3 dumb decisions, all given a pass, for 0 dumb decisions
Season total: 6 dumb decisions