One of the worst days I’ve had since I came here. I woke up with a really bad sore throat, which only got worse as the days went on. Being a teacher, I have to talk. All the time. By the time my afternoon elementary classes rolled around it felt like I’d swallowed a caltrop. I scavenged some cough drops out of my predecessor’s drawer, which have been sitting there for God knows how long, but they did fuck all. So before I left for the day I got my supervisor to write down “sore throat” in hangul and went to the pharmacy next door. (Nice how I can go out for a drink, have a meal, go to the bank, do my grocery shopping, and get medical treatment all within thirty metres of my apartment. Are you listening, Perth?)

The pharmacist squinted at the paper for a while and then gave me two different boxes of pills. Any anxiety I might have about quaffing unknown medicines was slowly eroded during my hellish four-class afternoon, the highlight of which was repeating the sound “ck” over and over again to a bunch of bored children oblivious to how agonising that particular phonic can be, so I gulped the motherfuckers down. He said they’re not antibiotics; one’s a painkiller, ibuprofen I think, and the other’s some kind of anti-inflammatory. They seem to be working. It’s definitely better than it was before.

So yeah, that was a pretty awful day. I was looking at an $590 ticket home on during one of my breaks, but couldn’t quite summon the resolve to click on it. Soon. Soon.