i’ve been drinking a lot of wine again – Australian wine, oddly enough, it eas the cheapest at E-mart which I guess should stir some kind of indignation inside me – so this may be a littledisjointed and rambling but if you don’tlike it tough shit.

hahah as if its not more entetaining this way.

Teaching is easier but again I’mot sure if that’s just a product of the upcoming holiday break. everything’s easier with a repeive in sight. last night we had a staff meeting from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. L:ast night was Friday night. Fucking hell.

GG has offered me her Qantas beneificary status of “travel companion” which basically gives me 10% price flightson Qantas and (maybe) oneworld. In other words i could fly from here, to London, to a few points around Europe and then back home for less than a thousand bucks. I don’t really want to be spending much money at the moment. want to be sacing money so I can travel with my BFF. But this is a fucking good opportunity and it would be a shame to pass it up, especially given that cris and I aren’t planning to see Europe at all. and shit he wants to go to japan anyway which would be a working holiday and if i do that with him ill actually be able to teach english so i’ll more or less have gauaranteed employment there. even if i still hate teaching i would bee a) in a moreinteresting country b) with my best friend.

Curent savings – 5,000
Tax return – 6,000
Airfare reimbursement – 7,000
firstpaycheck (aug 8) – 8,000 (minimum)
second paycheck (sep 8) – 9,000 (minimum)

mike fliesinto europe around september 13, which is also the first weekend after my second paycheck and would make an ideal time to flee. although i’m getting moreemotionally attached to mycoworkers, to the point where i wouldactually feelbad if i just upand abanoned them without the courtesy of giving them time to find a replacement. if i do so purely for financial reasons (i.e. i don’t want to give back the 1000 dollars of airfare) it becomes quite selfish, jerkish and indefensible. if i do so because i continue to find my joib unbearable, not so much. so i hope that after the break my working conditions return to being atrociously appaling.

in any case i’m aalready having a good travel experience because i’m drunk in seeeeeeeeoullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

(which is in south korea)