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Today was a pretty good day.

They got us bank accounts yesterday – apparently you don’t need an ARC after all. And they’re going to reimburse my airfare tomorrow. So that’s good.

I spent some time last night exploring the school’s rooftop as we tried to stretch an insanely long LAN cable from my apartment (where the routers are) to┬áTony’s apartment, which has thus far been without Internet. We live on the fifth floor of the building, which is a very cool jumbled collection of stairways, ladders, rooftops, hallways, balconies and catwalks. At one point we had to tie the cable to an empty laundry bottle and toss it across the sheer chasm of an alleyway. I also found a rooftop vegetable garden, which is apparently what we eat for lunch every day, and stood at the corner of the highest rooftop for a while, looking down at the busy intersection below like Batman sureying Gotham from his impregnable eyrie. (Yeah, I went there.) Down below were salarymen drinking soju on cheap plastic chairs outside convenience stores, motorcycles ducking through traffic and mounting the sidewalk, the heat of the traffic rising up past me; across from me I could see people watching TV or doing aerobics in their own high altitude domestic bubbles.

Seoul isn’t a fantastic city, but it’s still better than Perth. Pretty much any city that realises you can build in more than one dimension is better than Perth. Dig up, stupid!

And then today we had a birthday party for all the kids born in July, which chewed up a signifiicant amount of time I would otherwise be spending trying to get the little bastards to go through their workbooks. Plus one of the boys in my class brought lollipops in, and shared them out with everyone, which was impressive enough to begin with, but when he went round the circle and was one short, the girl who missed out was upset, so he gave her his own. I was really impressed by that, so I gave him ten stickers when I normally dole out maybe one per period. These kids don’t often display a lot of manners or basic courtesy, so to see selflessness like that is extremely rare, and it actually left me feeling pretty good.

And the tests and monthly plans I had to write didn’t take nearly as long as I thought they would, and I only teach six classes on Thursdays. So I’ve had a pretty good 24 hours.

If only every day could be like this, I’d be as content as a beautiful princess sighing happily as she rides her unicorn across a meadow full of buttercups! (My analogies are also fantastic today.)

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