My police clearance from the AFP finally arrived in the mail today, three weeks after I applied for it. An awful lot of effort to get a piece of paper saying “dude’s got a clean slate!”

I hauled it all the way into the DFAT office in the city to get an apostille on it, an international seal of recognition. The guy standing in line beside me was also going to Korea to teach, oddly enough, and I talked to him for a while about the whole application process. He already had a working visa and was going in about a week. Before that I’d sort of completely forgotten about the visa process. I hope it’s not too much of a hassle. And I really hope that I don’t have to go for an actual, in-person interview at the Korean consulate, as I’ve heard Canadians and Americans have to. There’s only one Korean consulate in Australia, in Sydney. Going there would be a major hassle, cost me hundreds of dollars and make the paperwork process so far like like a pleasant day at the beach.

Went to Borders and to buy a Lonely Planet Korea. I have a touchingly naive faith in the LP brand. In a ten-metre long wall of bookshelves devoted entirely to travel, I was able to find only a single, tattered copy of LP Korea – and that was the only guidebook for Korea. Frommers and Moons nowhere to be seen. Irritating.

Chris has been gone for nearly a week now, and has sent me a few emails along the lines of “im lonely,” which bothers me, because if he can’t handle living up north for five months I don’t see how I’ll handle living in Korea for twelve. You hear that, Chris? ROLE-MODEL BETTER.

That’s about it, except I went to the river yesterday with the Hills, and while I sustained either a fractured rib or severe chest infection – not entirely sure which, the pain changes – it was worth it to accomplish this: