I just got back from the airport where I was seeing off my BESTEST BUDDY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Chris. He’s flying to Broome, taking a bus to Derby and then working at an eco-tourism camp in the Kimberley for the next five months. Since I’m probably going to Korea in about a month or two, we aren’t going to see each other for more than a year. This is after seeing each other more or less every single day since 2002 or thereabouts. He is the Riggs to my Murtaugh; the Marty to my Doc; to the Carl to my Lenny. We’re like an old married couple. You know the kind that’s been together for ages and actually can’t stand each other anymore so they fight and bicker all the time? Like that. This break will probably be good for us, so that when we eventually go backpacking together he get fed up, slip drugs into my food and sell me into sex slavery in Cambodia.

In any case, let’s take a retrospective look at the GOOD TIMES we’ve shared over the last seven years (for best results listen to “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen while doing so):

Yes, we’ve certainly had some crazy times together! And hopefully, unless Virgin Blue’s shoddy maintenance record leads to Chris’ bones bleaching under the sun in the Great Sandy Desert, or I get framed for a crime I didn’t commit and bleed to death in the shower room of a Seoul prison, we shall have some crazy times together again in the future! Until next time, folks!