I’m jobhunting at 3 a.m. A bookstore in the far nothern suburbs of Perth (a bleak and desolate landscape of identical model homes and palm trees) sent out an ad for sales assistant on Friday. No experience required, but must have good knowledge of fiction and writing book reviews. I sent out my resume. In my typical hubris I have already begun to assume that I will be successful.

If I’m not, there are a shitload of Korean English-teaching jobs on seek.com.au right now. I rejected Japan because you don’t get picked up until August or some shit, but I think Korea’s more flexible. If I can jsut manage to actually land such a job (being only 20 years old and with no teaching experience), struggle through imparting knowledge to a bunch of foreign kids, and actually manage to live alone overseas for a year when I can’t even cook for myself here in Perth, I could be sitting pretty.

I’ve been drinking a lot of wine again. I think this may impair my judgement of my own employability prospects?