I went to a careers expo at my old uni today, and found it to be a colossal waste of time. Western Australia’s primary industry is mining, and my university’s primary focus is engineering, so I found myself staring down wave after wave of booths for Alcoa and Landcorp and BHP Billiton. There’s just no place in this world for the Bachelor of Arts.

There was an ASIO booth, which I took some pamphlets from and mentally filed away under “possible careers for when I get back from travelling.” Right now I’m just looking for something that I can ditch after one year, whether it be a crappy part-time job in retail, or a proper job that would actually put my university degree to use (publishing house would be nice, but that’s one of the first things to go during an economic depression).

I’m considering cruise ship work, although apparently they work you like slaves and if you don’t have the qualifications to get a cushy job (like security, entertainment or ship store) you end up sweating away over a deep fryer and never glimpse the sky except through a porthole.

I guess I’ll just keep grumbling about how much I hate Coles while checking seek.com.au every day!