Written on the Greyhound bus winding through the mountains of Hokkaido.

It’s 6:45 but the sun set at about 5:30 and because we’re used to daylight savings it’s totally out of whack and it feels like it’s the middle of the fucking night.

Impressions of Japan so far are through the window of a plane, an aiport, the highway through the window of a bus (obscured by barriers and trucks), another airport, the window of another plane, ANOTHER AIRPORT,and now this bus which is pitch black outside and there’s no moon or nothing.

window views

window views

I slept like a baby on the plane and had the most disconcerting wake-up experience ever when the cabin crew use the PA to go “GOOD MORNING PASSENGERS” at 6:00 am with the sun just peeking over the eastern horizon and I forgot where I was before remembering I was in a SKY CAPSULE above the Pacific Ocean.

Stopped at an awesome truckstop which was nicer than any mansion in Perth, bought some delicious cheese dumplings and accidentally shoplifted earrings worth 500 Yen when I bumped into a display rack and they fell into the cuff of my jeans. That’s Phoebe’s present done.


Chris in the MUSHROOM PALACE truckstop

It’s snowing everywhere and cold but much much nicer than being in Perth where you are coated in a fine layer of sweat at all times.

I know three japanese words (hai, origato and konichiwa) but for some reason I feel like I’m being really condescending when I use them.

I bought some Sapporo beer at the airport and it tasted exactly like Tooheys New.

Waiting around at Chitose Airport

Waiting around at Chitose Airport

Had my first japanese toilet experience at Haneda Airport (HANEDAAAAAAAAAA) and was somewhat disappointed when it didn’t talk to me, but was thoroughly satisified when it took me five minutes to figure out how to flush it.

Jamie bought a thimble-sized cup of coffee at Haneda Starbucks which cost him six bucks, that was hilarious.

An amusing advertisement

An amusing advertisement

I saw a deer in the woods through the window of the bus before the sun set, which was cool. I’m trying to remember if Japanese wolves are extinct or not, and hoping we see a brown bear.

chris: Finaly, after a day of sitting and watching, the bright lights of the ski slopes pierce through the trees. untill now this has been somewhat surreal. but now that i can see what we have been waiting for… i cant stop smiling.

First thing tomorrow im gonna hit mitch with a snowball in the back of the head!

edit: there’s some verrrry nice free wifi at our black diamond lodge so i get all my internet goodness satisified. The lodge itself is also excellent, although I’m really wishing the economy hadn’t collapsed before we came – I just spent about 10 bucks on a few buffalo wings for dinner and nearly a hundred dollars on fucking GLOVES. oh well we always knew this would be expensive!