Less than a week until Japan, and I’m tackling the problems of finding winter clothing in midsummer in a city with a Mediterranean climate where the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius. I went to Harbourtown with Chris yesterday and managed to find a decent jacket, and bought some new shoes and jeans, but stuff like gloves and thermal underwear are a lot more difficult. This stupid city. A trench coat would be awesome – I remember wearing one of those in Canberra and reading TIME Magazine at an RSL club, and feeling like I was in the 1940s – but there’s no chance of that.

Also today is Australia Day, a holiday I dislike for a number of reasons, primarily the fact that I get heartily sick of seeing our shitty flag slathered across everything (and yes, it is a shitty flag, because 25% of it is taken up by another country’s flag). I’m pretty sure I wasn’t meant to be born here. I should live in Ireland or the U.K. or somewhere a little more cold and overcast. In any case, happy 220th birthday, permanent European presence in Australia!