Age status: 20

A pretty huge step, arguably even more than 17 to 18.  I’m fucking twenty.

Didn’t do much with it – biggest event of the day was probably going to the post office to apply for a passport for the Japan trip, which cost $208. Score.

Rach got me a new phone which is pretty cool. My old one was a 2004 model that I’ve had for far too long. The new one lets me do all kinds of crazy 2008-era things like take photos, and surf the Internet on a screen the size of my big toenail, and set the Metal Gear Solid codec sound effect as my ringtone (irredeemable nerd).

Anyway gonna go to bed now to lie staring at the ceiling contemplating my mortality. Happy birthday to anyone else born on the 21st, like Dizzy Gillespie and Alfred Nobel and all those other people who are dead!