A whale washed up on the beach just south of Hillarys Boat Harbour on Wednesday. I was sitting around killing time until work when Chris sent me a text about it, so I took a drive up the coast to meet up with him, and we had a lovely day out watching council workers lift an enormous rotting carcass into the back of a truck. It’s certainly not something you see (or smell) every day.

okay boys, let her go

The next day at work I was buying the paper on my lunch break and noticed that the event made the front page, with a typically pessimistic headline complaing about how it cost the City of Joondalup $50, 000 to remove. That’s our wacky West Australian, always preferring to leave putrid rotting corpses on our beaches rather than dish out the removal fee!

I have to admit, though, fifty grand does seem pretty steep. They should have just left it for about twelve hours so it floated further down the coast and became the City of Stirling’s problem.