The first part was pretty boring, mostly just shifting people into place, setting them up for the big finale. I was hoping the second part would be better, and it sure fucking was.

The twist at the end wasn’t quite as good as season three’s ending – nothing ever could be – but overall it was a far greater episode than “Through The Looking Glass.” Which, frankly, was pretty dull with nothing much happening except the awesome final scene.


"Okay everyone, get your deceit faces on."

1. I was right about the Others and the survivors teaming up to take down the mercenaries. I was also right about it being pretty easy, so I don’t know why they made so much of a fuss about it, although the takedown scenes were admittedly cool. It had echoes of the early supernatural menace lingering about the Others, which I dearly wish would return to them. Unfortunately, after that we don’t see much of them again.

2. I was wrong about Sayid being the one to kill motherfucking Keamy, but he came pretty close, in what was probably one of the best choreographed fight scenes I’ve ever seen on TV – and I’ve watched all six seasons of 24.

3. So I guess Jin and Michael are dead. Meh.

4. During the scramble to escape the freighter, it was kinda funny that they were screaming for Jin but not really caring about the rest of the people on the boat. Which happened to include some of their fellow survivors.

5. Incidentally, the freighter exploding looked adorably low budget.

6. Charlotte supposedly having been to the island in the past, and Miles knowing about it, should be suspenseful but I really don’t know care enough about her to give a shit. Miles could be a pretty good character, though, if he got some more screentime.

7. The airborne shots with the helicopter were cool… except that the jungle below them clearly had roads running through it. Also there’s no way you could get that far out to sea before noticing the hole in the fuel tank. Also, nice to see that you didn’t bother to stop off at the beach camp before heading to the boat, guys.

8. I’m pretty sure the writers don’t know what to do with Juliet now that Season 3’s over.

9. Sayid as an assassin in the future remains awesome. Leather jacket now, huh?

10. I like the way time/space travel has been gradually introduced on the show, and the fact that it tied in with “The Shape of Things To Come.” Note that Tunisia is on the exact opposite side of the world to the South Pacific.

11. I also like the way we keep seeing ancient places the Dharma Initiative apparently built right over the top of, just like the monster-summoning-room in “The Shape of Things To Come.”

12. Okay, HOW THE FUCK does a two-month old baby survive a helicopter crash into the ocean?

13. I was worried that Desmond, and to a lesser extent Frank, would be killed to fit in line with the Oceanic 6 cover story. But all is well. (The Indonesian island conspiracy is still stupid though).

14. Penny sure made it from London to the South Pacific in a hurry.

15. Having the flashforwards pick up directly from “Through The Looking Glass” was awesome because it reminded me of how awesome that twist was. I also love drug-addicted Jack, with his ugly beard and shiny Jeep and surly disregard for the law. Next season is gonna kick ass.

16. Fitting Older Walt into the flashforward scenes was a brilliant way of turning the disadvantage of an actor aging faster than his character into an actual benefit.

And then there’s final scene at the funeral parlour. Since “Through The Looking Glass” I’d had three main candidates as to the occupant of the coffin: Ben, Michael and Locke. There weren’t really any other major characters that both Jack and Kate would dislike. Michael and Ben were ruled out prior to the revelation, but during the conversation they had just before the reveal, I wildly thought for a moment it would be Christian. Not sure why.

Anyway it was Locke. wowwwwwwwww.

My personal vibe about the leadership struggle so far is that Jack, while he has some personality problems, is a pretty good guy and a decent leader trying to save a bunch of innocent people. On the other hand, Locke is a well-meaning but misguided (and potentially dangerous) buffoon on a personal spirit quest. Basically Jack=right and Locke=wrong. Unfortunately the show is making it pretty clear that the ultimate message will be that Locke was the one who was right all along, the star of the show, while Jack ends up as a miserable drug-addicted alcoholic. Or, even worse, Jack will return to the island and somehow live in peace and harmony finally accepting Locke’s message about blah blah blah. I don’t care what the show says, Locke is a fucking idiot.

Still, this is one of the best TV shows the medium has ever seen and I can’t wait till next season. In February, apparently. Super.