In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s easy yet irrelevant win in West Virginia, she says:

“I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign until everyone has had a chance to make their voices heard… This race isn’t over yet.”




I don’t know why I’m getting so obsessed with the US presidential race. Any one of the three would be better than Bush. But now that I’ve experienced, via Kevin Rudd, how awesome it is to boot out a deeply entrenched conservative government, I want the same thing to happen in the America. Even though it won’t affect my life at all.

If she runs as an independant (which would irretrievably destroy the Democrats’ chance of winning), I hope somebody assassinates her. And no, it’s not harsh to wish for the death of someone, considering it would prevent the deaths of many Iranian civilians and yet more US troops, which is what will happen if another Cold War veteran takes the reins and gallops off with a catastrophic, widely-loathed foreign policy.