John McCain is old/Barack Obama is black/Hillary Clinton is a woman. None of these things matter in the slightest. The only thing your vote should be based upon is how closely the candidates’ policies and opinions align with your own.

Nonetheless, this was amusing.

John McCain is older than…

The Golden Gate Bridge
Rock music
Alaskan and Hawaiian statehood
The nuclear bomb
Life magazine
Nearly every single modern African nation
Bugs Bunny
Mount Rushmore
The Volkswagen Beetle
Of Mice And Men
The United Nations
American interventionism
The Hindenburg disaster
The Cold War
The extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger
The King of Norway
The Sydney Opera House
The space program of any nation
The Old Man and the Sea
The ANZUS Treaty
Fascist Spain
The B-52 bomber
African-American civil rights
The best years of John Wayne’s career
Commercial television
Time itself