The next episode of Lost’s fourth season, which was unexplainably put on hold halfway through, is less than a week away. Americans have already seen it, of course, but if anybody posts spoilers I swear to God I will hunt them down and murder their fucking family.

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(Oh, by the by, this tiny post will probably contain a few spoilers of its own, so if you’ve never watched Lost, go rent all the seasons from your local video store, watch them, then come back and read this, completing the purpose God put you on this Earth for.)

I’m not sure how much I like this season so far. I think every season of Lost has improved on the last, and the third confirmed my suspicion that it was definitely the best show on TV. One of the greatest shows of all time, in fact: ambitious, thematic, suspenseful, and beautifully realised. I’m aware that there are probably non-comedic* TV shows that are objectively better; 24 comes to mind, at least up until the narrative trainwreck that was Day 6. But Lost is so perfectly aimed at viewers like myself – inquisitive people who love stories that try something original, who love speculating about things and coming up with their own theories – that it well and firmly takes the prize as my favourite dramatic show ever. I feel sorry for the impatient, unimaginative people who have given up on Lost.

(*The Simpsons, of course, has been such an integral part of my entire life that it is impossible to compare it to anything else.)

About the only thing I dislike about the fourth season so far is the sidelining of the Others in favour of the Freighters, carrying on a theme from the third season in which the Others lost much of the initial mystery about them, which was what made them such effective antagonists in the first place. They’ve transformed from a supernatural menace (whispers in the jungle, muddy bare feet, leaving no tracks) to a group of people who are just normal humans, merely part of some larger worldwide organisation with an unrevealed purpose and a lot of resources behind it. Season 3 occasionally reminded us of their bizarre nature, with glimpses of things like Room 23, Colleen’s weird funeral, Jacob, and the disturbing conversion of Cindy and the kids. (For my money, the best moment of the season, and perhaps the show, was the ending of “Par Avion.”) But while the Others may have lost some of their sparkle, they are still far more intriguing than the Freighters, who are regular people from the outside world and therefore somewhat mundane.

Still, I’m quite happy to see the return of Lost, in the way that only an irredeemable nerd can be. In fact I’m going to isoHunt right now.


P.S. The next lazy writer who makes a HILARIOUS crack about “the viewers are Lost too!!!!1” should be immediately stripped of their rights as a human being and handcuffed to the blades of a combine harvester.