Tonight is Earth Hour, the feel-good accomplish-nothing greenie idea that involves turning your light switches off for one hour and thus completely reversing the climate change trend and saving the world. If you’re in one of the participating cities, be sure to climb onto your roof at 8pm and note how many gullible people live in your neighbourhood.

(In any large city, industrial and commercial sectors account for the vast majority of energy usage, making any initiatives by the residential sector largely useless. That goes for water, too.)

In other light-related news, today is also the last day of daylight savings, in the second year of a three-year trial foisted on Western Australians by the State Government, despite the fact that it is repeatedly voted down every time we have a referendum on it. Next year I, too, will be doing my part for common sense and voting a firm NO towards “hey how would you guys like to dick around with time every summer.”

The fact is that in a city with a climate like Perth, extending the day is a really bad idea. It’s just too fucking hot. We shouldn’t be living here in the first place, let alone prolonging the fiery agony of sunlight. Every sunset is like a cool blanket being laid over a burn victim.

Conversely, however, Chris and I took advantage of the last day of daylight savings by going for an evening snorkel after work. I fed my workmates at Coles some cock and bull story about having to drive to Lesmurdie to pick someone up – which is true, just a month out of date – and left the three of them to enjoy doing stocktake on their own while I left two hours early to kick around in the beautiful reefs and gardens of seagrass at Mettams Pool, in and out of underwater caves, panicking schools of fish, touching weird tropical fish with red lips, seeing angelfish with yellow tips, and chasing two separate stingrays that can move a lot faster than you’d think. I also cracked my head by diving down into a hole in the reef, not compensating for the buoyancy of my wetsuit, and becoming disoriented. Chris laughed at me and then repeated my mistake about half an hour later. Then we realised we’d swum about a kilometre north, got out of the water and jogged back to where our towels were in time to see the sun set at 7:30.

Overall it was an awesome evening. But still, fuck daylight savings.