Somebody who spends as much time slouching in the glow of a computer screen as I do needs a good solid, chair. I’ve been lacking in that for some time.


 I believe we lost the back some time in 2006. What remains is basically just a stool, a shrivelled and decrepit stump of its former self.

Note the tattered strands of fabric hanging from the underside

 Fortunately, a new Ikea the size of Bill Gates’ mansion recently opened teetering on the brink of my local freeway, so I stopped there on the way home from university and invested seventy-five dollars in a new chair. If the old chair was a leprous, croaking beggar huddling in a damp alleyway, the new chair would be equivalent to the dashing and handsome king of the Holy Land, reclining atop a pile of gold and dressed in extravagent finery.




On the downside it doesn’t recline back too much, and the armrests juuuust don’t fit underneath the bottom of the desk. Overall analysis: Satisfaction, tinged with mild dismay. 

On the topic of uploading photos, last night I shaved off the scrappy beard I’ve been growing throughout January and February after eventually deciding it did indeed look like shit, as approximately 40% of people had been telling me. The kicker was a photo Rach took of me asleep and slack-jawed in the bus on the way home from a weekend camping, which revealed how awful it can truly look, and which I will not be posting. Naturally, of course, I took before and after shots.

Man, do I look weird now.

Oh, yeah – I know I haven’t updated End Times lately, but I’ve been super busy with personal life stuff, university assignments, and writing fascinating blog entries about buying furniture from Ikea. I’ll try to do one ASAP. In the meantime, here’s a picture of my best friend wearing the box the new chair came in on his head.