Today is a historic day. It’s a new page in our nation’s history. It’s a chance to move forward after apologising for one of the most atrocious acts we ever committed. It’s a day that makes me feel hopeful and excited about Australia’s future, another happy reminder that we have ended eleven years of right-wing government and are making changes that are long overdue. It’s a good day.

And yet I am still infuriated at the number of ignorant, racist Hansonites that feel the need to whinge and moan. The comments for the article ran quickly began to overflow with idiots from all corners of the nation; rich idiots and poor idiots; racist idiots and miserly idiots; stupid idiots and naive idiots. A glorious rainbow of idiots.

There are the idiots who completely fail to understand that the Prime Minister is apologising on the behalf of the nation, not on the behalf of its people.

By the way- Mr Rudd is not speaking on behalf of me. I’m not sorry!
Posted by: sarah of sydney 8:09am today

Kevin Rudd does not apologise for me.
Posted by: Peter N of Melbourne 8:12am today

Posted by: daniel of brizzy 9:02am today

There are the idiots who moan about how Aboriginals will now be demanding compensation, despite the fact that the PM was careful to omit this from the apology.

We will never hear the end of this. The compensation claims are going to be coming in thick and fast!!!
Posted by: steve of brisbane 8:34am today

I’m NOT sorry. What an absolute JOKE & pathetic waste of everyones time. I’m sure by tomorrow we’ll start seeing the first compo claims.
Posted by: Melinda of Sydney 9:36am today

There are the idiots who side with the hilariously torn Brendan Nelson and try to justify attempted genocide by claiming that we were removing Aboriginals from abusive homes.

I am truly sorry that I have to listen to all this bull****. I am not sorry that most were resued from poverty and given a real chance in life. I am also not sorry about questioning the motives of the money grubbing do-gooders. If some people feel a need to pay compensation, make it optional. Those who wish to donate good luck to you – but not from my taxes!!!!!!
Posted by: Bill of Brisbane 12:52pm today

There was an idiot who tried to sound scholarly and distinguished and reassure his fellow idiots that compensation would be impossible, but instead made a further idiot out of himself (Australia does not have a bill of rights).

Just remember, the Bill of Rights proclaims “‘That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament.” This means that the apology, made in parliament, cannot hold up as an admission of guilt in any court.
Posted by: Joe of Perth 10:38am today

There are idiots who complain that there are more important issues for the government to deal with – as though this apolgoy wasn’t already forty years overdue.

For the love of God, are there not more pressing issues for Rudderless and his government to dealt with!
Posted by: carter of NSW 10:43am today

And – as I expected – there are the idiots, those classic Australians, who really only care about how much interest rates go up and absolutely nothing else. Dear God, don’t these people have souls?

The apology is all about Rudd going after the “low hanging fruit”. He did the same with signing Kyoto too, not that it means anything real. He’s going after the low hanging fruit because Rudd can’t reach the higher fruit, like bringing down interest rates, so he goes after the low hanging fruit like saying sorry and signing Kyoto. He’s after his place in the history books and will pick as much low hanging fruit as possible to get it.
Posted by: Bob of Toowoomba 11:20am today

And it goes on and on and on until I feel like headbutting my monitor. Half the people in this country make me ashamed to be Australian.

Maybe they’ll all stop bitching if we get a public holiday out of it.