(Read a lot while I was camping, which is why these are all clumped together.)

 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke (1968) 256 p.

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Arthur C. Clarke has never been my favourite science fiction author, and I think the book is overshadowed by its more famous cinematic counterpart (which I haven’t seen). The book and film were co-written, so neither can claim seniority over the other, and frankly I expect the film would surpass this rather unremarkable book in every way. For the most part it was amusing just to read how starry-eyed and optimistic Clarke was about the future, which is also somewhat depressing, since he probably would have been right if the Soviet Union hadn’t thrown in the towel on the space race and gone off to sulk in a corner.

Books: 1/50
Pages: 256