The other day Radiohead unexpectedly announced that their next album, In Rainbows, will be released on October 10. Very sudden. Still, I’m quite happy, because it’ll be the first album they’ve released ever since I heard of them and they became my favourite band. Their last one was in 2003. That was a long time ago. I was in Year 10. The computer I’m typing this on, which is a rickety, groaning, outdated piece of junk, had only just been bought. Four years, guys? Seriously? What the fuck were you doing? Hitching the oxen team up to try and pull the stick out of Thom Yorke’s ass?

I’d put the album cover up, but it hasn’t been released yet, so I’m just going to put this image up because I think it’s amusing.

I'm hip! I'm cool! PLEASE GOD VOTE FOR ME

In any case, since they’re huge rock stars who no longer need to rely on a recording company (which is always very galling for any band that enjoys taking a stance again consumerism and globalisation and whatever else the hip young kids on Oxford campus are talking about), it’s being released online at Not only that, but you can choose to download it absolutely free if you please. And I do please. Very much.

Previously, I was planning to buy it as a CD, which would have been the second CD purchase in my entire life. I bought Black Holes And Revelations by Muse last year, and was hoping to do the same for In Rainbows, because Muse and Radiohead are the only bands I like enough to actually spend money on. I don’t own any other CDs at all, because it is the 21st century and I have the Internet, which means my single Muse album just sort of sits on my chest of drawers or the edge of my bookshelf, gathering dust and looking lonely.

Granted, a Radiohead album probably wouldn’t have been much company. It would have been all arrogant and snooty and looked down its nose at the Muse album. Nonetheless, the Muse album would have sucked up to it, because it had nobody else to talk to. Companions, but not friends. But maybe… maybe after years of being together, even though they didn’t really like each other, their relationship would have grown into a deep friendship.

A friendship which, now, will never be.